TISS Students Struggle: Solidarity statement from Soni Sori from Bastar: ?


Dear friends and students,

A revolutionary salute to you all. As I came to know that the student of TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) has been in protest or strike for the last eighteen days. Students you all very great and bold because you are protesting not for yourself but for the future generation. You are protesting against the institution, your demand of the protest is major issue. Some students from TISS Bombay told me about this.


According to me, the growth of institution fee structure is really a major issue. TISS is always a place of people independently. Some students of TISS joined the August kranti rally from Dantewada to Gompad. I got a very great opportunity to visit campus Of TISS Mumbai on occasion of International Human Rights Day, 10th December of 2016, to talk with the student of this institution and the theme of this talk is STAND FOR SOMEONE RIGHTS TODAY!.


There I talk with some student. We talk about Bastar and Bastar problems. Now the student of TISS create an solidarity and I would also want to be the member of this. I and our Bastar tribals were supporting the TISS because the injusTISS has been done. So Friends and Student be a more powerful to defend the situation and problems . Your work is for human rights and you should have it.



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