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Take Urgent Action For Activist With Disabilities – GN Saibaba


Activist and teacher, G N Saibaba, who is paralysed, continues to be denied access to adequate medical treatment in Nagpur Central Jail despite pleas of intervention from his family. Convicted under a draconian anti-terror law on 7 March 2017, his life remains under threat if he is not provided immediate and adequate access to medical care.

G N Saibaba was taken on a hospital visit on 2 April 2018 by the prison authorities. No information about the visit has been given to his wife, who has been prevented from meeting him and his doctor. On 27 March, his wife appealed to the National Human Rights Commission to investigate G N Saibaba’s health and to transfer him to a jail in another city, where hospitals are better equipped and he will have the support of his family.

G N Saibaba was convicted of offences including “unlawful activities”, conspiring to commit a “terrorist act” and “membership of a terrorist organization”, and sentenced to life imprisonment on 7 March 2017. The conviction was based primarily on documents and videos, which the court ruled was evidence that he was a member of a front organization of the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist). Amnesty International believes that the charges against G N Saibaba are fabricated and that his trial did not meet international fair trial standards.

G N Saibaba has post-polio paralysis in both his legs and requires the use of a wheelchair. He has been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, a spinal disorder that compromises the use of his left shoulder and hand. He also has a cardiac condition and hypertension. Following his arrest and detention at the Nagpur Central Jail in Maharashtra, his condition has considerably worsened. His wife reported that he is in acute pain and has fallen unconscious in his cell three times since his conviction. In a recent letter, he shared that he is suffering from pain in his abdomen and left hand,has headaches, and is unable to perform basic bodily functions such as urination, without severe pain. He mentioned that even writing the letter was a painful task that he managed to complete with great difficulty.

Jail authorities have failed to provide necessary health updates to G N Saibaba’s family despite repeated requests for information. A hearing regarding the petition filed last year, seeking bail pending an appeal, on grounds of G N Saibaba’s illhealth, is expected to take place next week.


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