Sakshi Maharaj: Woman’s Value by religion.

Sakshi Maharaj: Woman’s Value by religion.
for having an affair [only], no rates for conversion mentioned.
-Sikh Girl 11 Lakhs,
-Hindu Girl 10 Lakhs,
-Jain Girl 7 Lakhs.
Is the price attached to each religion a measure of difficulty encountered in seducing and ensnaring a girl of that religion? Does it mean Jain girls are less virtuous than Hindu and Hindu less than Sikh? Questions to ask off the “maharaj”, who is “sakshi” to all this!

युक्तियुक्तम वचो ग्राह्यं बालादपि शुकादपि|
युक्तिहीनं वचस्त्याज्यम् वृद्धादपी शुकादपि||
Days after Home Minister Rajnath Singh denied any knowledge of “love jihad” and assured the minority communities that there would be no discrimination on the basis of religion or caste, his party MP from Unnao, Sakshi Maharaj, alleged on Sunday that madrasas across the country are imparting “education of terror” and “love jihad”.
He claimed that Muslim youth in madrasas are being motivated for “love jihad” with offers of cash rewards — Rs 11 lakh for an “affair” with a Sikh girl, Rs 10 lakh for a Hindu girl and Rs 7 lakh for a Jain girl.
Addressing an event in Kannauj, he also alleged that these madrasas do not hoist the national flag on Independence Day or Republic Day, and the government should stop giving them financial aid. He said he would speak to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also raise the issue in Parliament.
When contacted over the phone, Sakshi Maharaj admitted that he had made these remarks. He said the madrasas were making the students “terrorists” and “jihadis” and their education was not in the national interest. “Neither is the national flag hoisted on August 15 and January 26, nor is the national anthem sung there. They hoist only green flags,” he alleged.

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