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Prof Saibaba’s Crime and Punishment ःः prabhakar sinha


Prof.G.N..Saibaba is a Professor in Delhi University .He is 90% physically handicapped .He is unable to move and is bound to his wheel chair.He cannot hurt anyone even if he wants because of his physical disability .He has been a rights activist allegedly sympathetic to the Maoists .He was arrested from his home in Delhi and was prosecuted under UAPA ( the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act 1967) in Maharashtra .He is not charged with murdering anyone or physically hurting anyone.The court has sentenced him to a term for life for being a member of the Maoist Party/ organisation.I put it to you to decide whether justice has been done to him. No, I would not ask you to decide the legality of the judgment .We are not legal,experts and cannot pass judgment on a court’s verdict.But please judge the sentence in the light of judgments of our cruel and inhuman British rulers , (who ruled us till 15 Augustm,1947) in such cases.

1.It was in 1908 that Bal Gangadhar Tilak, the great freedom fighter ,was charged with sedition (RAJ DROH ), the ultimate crime against an Emperor and his empire .He was found guilty and convicted .And can you imagine the punishment ? Only six years of rigorous imprisonment .He could have been sentenced to life, but 6 years of jail was considered enough .It was known that following his release, he would again do the same.But the sentence was not extended to more than six years to cover the risk.

2. In 1922 , Gandhiji was charged with sedition.As was his wont, he pleaded guilty .He told the court that he was the greatest enemy ( he might not have used the word enemy ) of the empire and should be awarded the maximum punishment .But again , the court awarded him only six years of imprisonment.

Please judge for yourself whether Prof.Saibaba deserves a life sentence for no crime other than being a member of the Maoist Party .


He is in Nagpur jail almost dying of 19 diseases afflicting him , but the High Court did not grant him bail .If he dies , it would be converting his life sentence into a death sentence .

Please do not question the court’s verdict that he is guilty ( of being a Maoist ) , accept it ,but ask whether justice warranted a sentence for life and warrants denying him bail.

P.S. Did not the people expect a better India with a more humane and just rulers than the British ? Those of us who were born before independence did .

Note : Under the UAPA any speech or act which may create enmity between the people on the ground of their religion , place of birth , religion, language etc. is an offence (covered under s 153A ) .Similarly , acts against national integration covered under s153B of IPC are also offences under UAPA , but the BJP and RSS openly guilty of violting UAPA and causing murders all over the country are ruling the country. It is both an irony and a tragedy.

prabhakar sinha

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