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Poem for cutest love : kopal kokas

Poem  for cutest love

This painting made by me for my lifepartner Anil

I wrote this poem for my lifepartner Anil and for those people who are partner of someone , love of someone life . This poem is for those couple who start new life with their partner .



प्रेम ऐसा होता है प्रेम वैसा होता है पर प्रेम प्यारा भी होता है .

To the cutest eyes,
To the biggest smile,
Those smile to kill,
And the style which cheers! 

To the crystallng clear mind,
To the most caring person,
And the purest love i got from U forever!

You are best part ,U are my favourite thought!
You are my love for forever, my best friend i sought!

So much more i wrote for you, 
yeah so much unsaid!
So Much more want i do for you 
yeah so much restless!

it’s is just start of a golden time , 
it’s is just brilliant happiness!
we have miles to go together,
in colourful love!

Today is special day, we tie knot,
Today is dream day ,we together,
And the day make our life lovable,
Never did i know last year,
That the i wrote this poetry for you forever!

U are reason of my smile,
U are reason of my happiness,
U are reason of my blushing,
yeah U are my sweetheart!

Happy Happy Day My life My love!
we’ll make this year better than ever!
Love U sweetheart


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