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An ode to love

Pritha ghosh

To the dreams that you’re leaving behind

And all my secrets that I did confide

To all our loving memories, all the hurt and the pain

I write this ode with much refrain


I’d wished for you upon the stars of the night

I hoped that you would see the light

That’s shining at the end of the long road

To the Lord I swear, you were my only abode

And to leave my home, I can not begin

To tell you how, but I see the end

All of the nights that we had spent

Miles apart, distance, which never ceases to end

Ruthlessly falling for each other, yet again after every vain attempt


To all our adventures & our dangerous encounters

with the demons in our heads, the frightful creatures

To a beautiful dream, and a nerve-racking nightmare

The seconds and the hours, the bliss of a love affair

I wrote these lines to myself, but I leave them here

Hoping that someday, maybe life would intertwine our ways

Of the ache in my heart, I would not speak today

You know how they say, ‘the one’s right for you, will find their way’


And dear love I hope you know, I had your pictures archived

Tag lined, “The love of my life, my main bae”

But no,  I couldn’t tell the world just yet

Because there’s just so left for us to do

Or so I thought, before you left me with a gloom


I hope that we’ll always have a little love left

To be in love with each other again

In the same lifetime, just a little early

So in all of my melancholy , with a wretched heart, and eyes of obscurity

I write this ode in perfect insanity


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