आदिवासी किसान आंदोलन जल जंगल ज़मीन पर्यावरण महिला सम्बन्धी मुद्दे मानव अधिकार राजनीति

AIKS strongly condemns the forceful arrest of Medha patkar and five other Sathyagarhis at Narmada Vall

All India Kisan Sabha

Call for protest action against State Violence on peaceful agitators


AIKS strongly condemns the BJP led Shivaraj Singh Chouhan Government of Madhya Pradesh that unleashed around 2000 policemen to demolish the panthal and forcefully arrested Medha

Patkar and five others who were fasting for the last 12 days at Narmada Valley.


AIKS along with Bhumi Adhikar Andolan will oragnise protest action all over Madhya Pradesh and at state and regional centers across the country against the authoritarian State Government. AIKS appeals to all its units to send message to MP Chief Minister to withdraw the criminal act of closing the gates of Narmada Dam without rehabilitating and compensating 40000 households in Narmada valley.


The police manhandled and lathi charged on those activists who tried to prevent the forceful arrest. They have demolished the Panthal also. This type of authoritarian and violent attack on peaceful sit-in hunger Strike is unacceptable in democratic system.


The BJP led government did not take any initiative so far to have a dialogue with the agitators is a shame. The just and genuine demands of respect the right for rehabilitation and compensation for the 40000 affected families as directed by the Supreme Court has been purposefully neglected by the State Government and there is widespread unrest among the villagers. 191 villages are facing submergence due to the closing of gates of the Narmada Dam.

The Supreme Court has scheduled a sitting on 8th August to hear the petition filed by eminent citizens and also by the affected villagers. It is clear that the arrest of Medha patkar is purposefully made to influence the Court. The silence maintained by the Narendra Modi led Central government on the precarious situation faced by thousands of villagers in Madhya Pradesh is also equally condemnable.

 Released by

R C yadav

AIKS Office

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