कला साहित्य एवं संस्कृति

Let’s fall in love”- Pritha ghosh 

Let’s fall in love”-

And one day she said to him,

“Let’s make a poem, just you and me

I’d dress up like the girl I’d always longed to be


Let’s make a love story, starring you and me

We’ll be the king and the queen of the broken scene

Let’s make a legend, you and me

You’ll be the Orion to my sky, and every other constellation that there’s ever been

Never knowing if a fairy tale is what it just might be


Let’s go on an adventure, both you and me

We’ll walk down he streets of Latvia

do everything that you had said to me

We’ll make every dream come true

And all that we’d wished upon the stars the other night

Because maybe the stars have forgotten

But not you and me


Let’s make a love song, just you and me

Darling I know before we’ve even begun

It’ll be the best melody

Like Adele and Taylor, our love’s contributers

Maybe we’d dance in the moonlight

When we take home our very own Grammy

So let’s fall for each other, let’s fall in love

We’ll be the greatness in the world or maybe just a wonderful fantasy”


Seventeen of age but thoughts as pure as a sage

With those same gleaming , beautiful big eyes

And cheeks flushed with a dusty pink, as if she’s high

Little did he know that

She’d prayed upon everything she had in life

For him to be the one,

And bring home the soul, of the wanderers’ tribe.


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