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Can the RSS-BJP Succeed in Making India a Hindu Rashtra ? prabhakar sinha {Pucl}


There is a news item in which it was reported that a Central Minister Hegde has announced at a public meeting in Karnatak that the government would try to change the constitution .The news may be disturbing but is not unexpected or surprising .The RSS had always been for an India in which it would wield unlimited power over the country and keep the Muslims and Christians subjugated .The Jan Sangh had been founded in 1951 to achieve that very objective .

The BJP is the Jan Sangh in its new Avtar after the split of the Janata Party in which the Jan Sangh had mergeg in 1977 .They had remained unwavering in pursuing their goal not only through the BJP , but also scores of their other organisations working among the different sections of the society .Thousands of their Shishu Vidya Mandirs are inculcating their poisonous values in the minds of their pupils .Their affort has borne fruit and they are ruling not only at the centre but also in as many as 19 states .This astonishing result has been produced within a short span since 1951 .Their goal of converting India into their brand of Hindu Rashtra is neither unachievable nor very far if those opposed to RSS Raj continue to bury their heads in the sand as an ostrich .They have only two obstacles in their path – a two thirds majority in the two houses of Parliament and the Parliament’s incompetence to amend the basic features of the constitution , which includes secularism .

The political class is united in depriving the judiciary of its independence though for different reasons . Once the present government succeeds in appointing judges of its ideological inclination , it would have the doctrine of basic features reviewed and thrown out .With that obstacle removed , Parliament will have unlimited and unfettered power to amend the constitution .It may , if it chooses , introduce a one party rule , make India a so called Hindu Rashtra , deprive the minorities equality as citizens (as has been done in Pakistan) .It can make the Indian society a Hindu society as prescribed by Manu in those respects in which it would not outrage the Hindus .It would be an unlivable India as much for the Hindus as the non-Hindus .The future under the RSS Raj would be similar to the life in the Islamic countries in which the Muslim organisations vie with one another to prove that they represent the real Islam and kill one another .

The various organisations will fight to prove that they represent the real Hindutva . Hindi would be imposed as the sole national language in the R.S.S’Hindu Rashtra .This scary picture of the RSS Raj is not pigment of imagination to malign the RSS but is based on the concept of a nation accepted and touted by their iconic leader M.S.Golwakar .He claims that India is a Hindu Nation# on the basis of the definition of a nation , which requires a nation to have one territory, one race , one culture, one religion and one language .According to him , India is inhabited by one race (Hindu ),has one culture , one religion (Hinduism ) and one language .He does not accept Islam and Christianity as Indian because they originated in foreign lands , he does not consider the Muslims and Christians as Indians because they follow foreign religions and he does not consider their culture as Indian either .He also wrongly asserts that all the languages of India have a common origin in Sanskrit .Thus , despite multi-lingual, multi-racial and multi-cultural India not fitting into the definition of ‘nation ‘ ( which he has adopted ) he insisted that it did , and the RSS continues to be committed to his notion of India as a Hindu Rashtra .His blind faith in India being a Hindu nation made him declare that those who were fighting for Independence and not a Hindu Rashtra were ‘traitors ‘.*

But while the RSS has been relentlessly pursuing its goal of a Hindu Rashtra (which it considers laudable and its ideal ), the other political parties have been fighting for the immediate goal of gaining power with no higher goal than the benefit power may give .They lack commitment to the values with which they could stop or impede the RSS’ forward march .Rather than convincing and converting the majority community to the view that secularism was in their interest also , they have been championing secularism as a means to benefit the minorities letting the Sangh convince the majority community that secularism was nothing more than appeasement of the minorities for their votes .This short sighted and wrong approach has created the baseless impression that the minorities have been pampered at the cost of the majority community .

The non-BJP parties have been raising their voice against communalism on the wrong assumption that the people are for secularism and against communalism , and believing that accusing the BJP of communalism is enough to arouse feelings against the BJP and the Sangh’s communal politics .The fact is that the people are not communal as such, but believe the Sangh’s allegation that the other parties do not take a principled stand and tilt towards the minorities for their votes.This perception must change if India has to remain a civilized country where all Indians despite the difference in their religion ,blood or birth may live together with security , peace and dignity .The non-BJP parties must introspect and pursue the higher goal of preserving the ideal of an India in which all Indians may remain equal in all respects despite the differences of blood , religion , language and culture .

prabhakar sinha

#M.S.Golwarkar’s We or Our Nationhood Defined published in 1938

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