Just prior to the Elections Government gets Raj Kumar Soni , patrika  transferred to Coimbatore.


Ambrish Kumar

Bhadas, भडास 4 मीडिया


हिन्दी से अनुवाद , राजेन्द्र कुमार सायल ,रायपुर 

चुनाव से पहले सरकार ने पत्रिका के ब्यूरो चीफ राजकुमार सोनी का तबादला कोयम्बटूर कराया

In the year 2003, Express Management had freed me from the responsibilities of jansatta and Indian Express in Chhattisgarh, and transferred me to Delhi. At that  time, I was being blamed for being anti-Congress. BJP was then in my support. It was Congress rule. Ajit Jogi was hostile towards me due to news reporting. everyone knows who put pressure for my transfer.  But, Management was told to give me new responsibilities only after elections were over. After the elections, he too was finished. As such that he has not yet staged a comeback. Today I got the news that the then colleague of mine in Jansatta, and presently the Bureau Chief of Rajasthan Patrika, Raj Kumar Soni, has been transferred to Coimbatore.

This was bound to happen. Though Rajkumar Soni may not have had such an apprehension, but those well-versed with his writings and the readers were definitely apprehensive that just prior to the elections, he will be removed from the scene by using any means.
It is not a puzzle to solve as to who can adopt such means just prior to the elections. Soni had similar experience in the year 2013 just prior to the elections, when he was reporting for TEHALKA.
Manish kumar soni 

Rajkumar Soni’s transfer from Patrika Raipur to Coimbatore.because the news
reports filed by him were indigestible to the Government. Which also means that all
other journalists are prog government!

Dr. Lakhan Singh:

Since the inception of its publication, Patrika Chhattisgarh has never been playing the role of a Friend of the Government. Patrika had created a space of its own in
Chhattisgarh due to its sharp and bold journalism. Everyone is well aware of the controversy generated due to its presence during the Vidhan Sabha session. In the
progressive journey of Patrika, we cannot ignore the creative and critical role of Rajkumar Soni.
Removed from TEHLKA in the similar circumstances, Rajkumar Soni has completed five years of his journalism career on 4th September. All throughout this journey, he has been truthfully reporting based on facts and figures. He had acquired a special
status at the grass-roots level reporting. Be it the atrocities committed on the adivasis of Bastar or human trafficking in Jashpur or sexual violence on girls, his news reports were bound to upset the government and BJP.

Just recently, he had captured in video a trantrik who had come to protect the Vidhan Sabha from any ill omen that may befall on it. At that time, the state Editor of Patrika
was Giriraj Sharma. In those days, people had witnessed Soni’s true journalism at its peak. In later days too, he kept disturbing a special class with vested interests by his

A few days ago, the local management of Patrika had taken away the political reporting from him, and given him the responsibility to report on art, music, literature and culture. Since he is of literary background, he made a meaningful contribution in
this field too.
BJP Government is in a drill to transform the dissent in a chorus of praise for it in the entire country. In an effort to take control of mostly the media institutions, and
transform these into Modi-Media, it is selectively targeting the electronic and print media. Only recently, the manner Punya Prasoon Bajpayee was removed has
become an example of such targeting. Even then, there was widespread expectation from Patrika that it would boldly
withstand such a political pressure. But, what happened was exactly against this expectation. It is said that the senior management of the Patrika from Jaipur met the
leader of the Government on 1st September. After an hour of such a commercial conversation, the news spread like wild fire in the city that Rajkumar Soni will be
removed. on 4th September, we were looking at the Face book. Soni had written a post on the
completion of his five years of journalism with Patrika. Within a few minutes of such a post on Face book, he was informed that he has been transferred to Coimbatore.
Those related to newspaper industry know very well that such a language implies “termination”. Now it depends on Soni as to what decision will he take. Whether he
goes to Coimbatore or leaves his job at Patrika. Anyway, in the preparation to the Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha elections, such an
attack is dangerous for democracy and independent journalism; besides, it is shameful.

From the FACE BOOK wall of Senior
Journalis Ambrish Kumar, Manish Kumar Soni
and Human Rights Defender Dr. Lakhan Sing.


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