a Buena Vida **  A fight for love -Pritha ghosh * 4

a Buena Vida ** A fight for love -Pritha ghosh * 4

A fight for love


Lost somewhere in the boisterous crowd

Is a peculiar clan of the uncommon

With their hearts as holy as the temple shroud

The doors of the society remain shut upon their faces

They’re barely able to walk

While the whole universe races

Low on self-esteem

Both the adult and the teen

Suppressed were there voices

‘Cause all they ever did was retreat

Pretty minds and electric souls

Blessed by the Heavens

Always fancied the dark kohl

So they stood up for their rights

To prove love’s might

Like a wildfire, the word had spread

“They’re coming to fight for their share of daylight”

To bring a revolution across every country

Had they all aligned

Finally their voices were heard by the greats

“Love is Love” said every waving flag in the United States

It had come true, precisely what they’d wish for, all along their lives

The lesbian, gay , bisexual and the trans did smile

So with the colors of the rainbow

They draped the face of the world

Bringing the light of love to an obdurate society

In high spirits and wonderful delight,

Our very own Cupid twirled.

This poem is dedicated to the LGBTQ community.

I support you, with all due respect.



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