अधिवक्ताओ ,कार्यकर्ताओं को कार्य करने योग्य वातावरण बनाने की मांग : बस्तर पुलिस से पीयूसीएल और लॉयर्स यूनिंयन ने ज्ञापन दिया .

  4.11.2017 ** जगदलपुर / पीयूसीएल छतीसगढ़ और आल इंडिया लायर्स यूनिंयन ने पिछले दिनों बस्तर पुलिस के आईजी और एसपी से मिल कर उन्हें ज्ञापन दिया जिसमें माँग की गई कि बस्तर में अदिवक्ताओं और मानव अधिकार कार्य कार्यकर्ताओ को स्वतन्त्र रूप से काम करने योग्य वातावरण बनाया जाये ,उनके ऊपर झूठे प्रकरण और शिकायत जो दर्ज की गईं है उनका निराकरण किया जाये . उन्होंने लिखा है कि अधिवक्ताओं को प्रोफेशनल तरीके से काम करने दिया जाए जो उनका कानूनी हक़ है . पीयूसीएल और लॉयर्स यूनियन ने पृथक पृथक ज्ञापन दिया . आल इंडिया लॉयर्स यूनियन की ओर से प्रदेश सचिव एडवोकेट शौकत अली ,एडवोकेट भरत लुनिया ,एडवोकेट ईशा खण्डेलवाल तथा पीयूसीएल की ओर से उपाध्यक्ष डिग्री प्रसाद चौहान ,राज्य सचिव ए पी जोसी शामिल थे   . **** ज्ञापन इस प्रकार है . PEOPLE’S UNION FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES (PUCL- Chhattisgarh) Janhit, Near Indu Medial Chemist, Ring Road No.2, Maharana Pratap Chowk, Bilaspur, 495001,CG Email: puclcg2001@gmail.com Phone No. : 07773060946 Date – 30.10.2017 To Shri Vivekanand Sinha The Inspector General of Police (Bastar Range) Jagdalpur, District Bastar 494001 Subject – Regarding Harassment of Human Rights Defenders in Bastar Division Sir, The Peoples Union of Civil Liberties is the oldest and the largest human rights body in India, and draws its inspiration from the work of its founders such as Jai Prakash Narayan and Justice Tarkunde. We are submitting this letter to you to express our alarm and outrage at the continuing assault on various Human Rights Defenders in Bastar Division over the past two years by various elements within or closely associated with the police. We ask you to pay close attention to the cases listed below, and ensure that Human Rights Defenders – journalists, academics, community leaders, lawyers etc — are allowed to work peacefully in Bastar, and not subjected to illegal harassment and persecution. We wish to highlight the following cases – Instances where the police have filed obviously false FIRs filed against HRDs, with a view of harassing and defaming them, or arresting them. FIR against six members of a fact finding team FIR number 27/2016 PS Tongpal, District Sukma Date 5.11.2016 HRDs Accused Delhi University Professor Nandini Sundar, JNU Professor Archana Prasad, Vineet Tiwari – a researcher with the Joshi- Adhikar Institute of the CPI, Sanjay Parate of the CPI (M), villagers Mangla of Soutenar Namapara and Manju Kawasi of Gadiras Details – The complaint is of the murder of one Shamnath Baghel of Soutenar Namapara by the Naxalites. The FIR is lodged by the wife of the deceased, and ostensibly names the six members of the fact finding team that had visited the area 6 months prior to the incident. The allegation about the involvement of Prof. Nandini Sundar and other academics with this murder, on the face of it, appears artificial, contrived and clearly manufactured. Some points to note are – The FIR is clearly fabricated as it is highly unlikely that an unlettered Adivasi woman would be able to recall six unfamiliar names that she heard shouted during the incident, which she has never heard before That the complainant never named any one, and all these names have been added by the police is furtherevidenced from the interview that VimlaBaghel, the wife of the deceased, gave to the TV channel NDTV. In this interview, she clearly states that she did not recognize any of the Maoists who abducted her husband, nor did she hear them tell any names, nor did she give any names to the police. Even if the allegations are taken at face value, no crime is made out against the members of the fact-finding team, and their inclusion in the FIR is simply a method of harassment and persecution. While it is heartening that the Hon’ble NHRC took suomotu cognizance of this evidently malafide FIR, and the Chhattisgarh state has also informed the apex court that it would neither arrest nor carry out any investigations against the six HRDs without giving them at least 4 weeks’ notice, the very fact that this FIR still stands, and no closure report has been filed, and that charges have not been dropped against the abovementioned 6 members of the fact finding team, is severely disappointing. FIR against Dr. Lakhan Singh, President of PUCL, Chhattisgarh FIR number 89/2016 PS Bodhgaht, District Bastar Date 21.03.2016 HRDs Accused Dr. Lakhan Singh, President of PUCL, Chhattisgarh Description – In March, 2016, the complainant, Subba Rao (a member of the vigilante group AGNI), wished to do a journalistic story on the announcement of Lingaram Kodopi that he is going to commit suicide. For this purpose, he called up activist Mr. Himanshu Kumar in Delhi, to get his views on the matter. Suspecting mischief, Mr. Himanshu Kumar recorded the telephonic conversation between himself and the self-styled journalist and circulated it widely. The complainant Subba Rao alleges Dr. Lakhan Singh circulated this message on a WhatsApp groupof journalists, CG Khabar, and thus violated the complainant’s right to a Private and Priviliged Communication. His complaint on this matter was registered as an FIR under sections 66 and 72 of the IT Act. This is clearly a frivolous FIR against a well-known and respected senior Human Rights Activist, Dr. Lakhan Singh, who is the president of the Chhattisgarh State Chapter of PUCL, for the following reasons – A conversation with a journalist, who is reporting on a story, by its very nature is neither private nor privileged, and is meant for public consumption. The reported conversation had already been put into the public domain by a party to the conversation, and not by Dr. Lakhan Singh. Neither of the sections under the IT Act apply in this case – Section 66 relates to offences mentioned in Section 43 dealing with damage to a computer, computer system or a computer network by a person without the permission of the owner of such a system or any other authorized person. Similarly Section 72 pertains to breach of confidentiality and privacy by a person who is authorized to access confidential information under the IT act. Neither of these sections has any bearing to the alleged crime. A written testimony to this effect has already been submitted to the PS Bodhghat in June 2017, but to the best of our knowledge, no closure report has been submitted for this FIR to the court. It is apparent that the FIR has been recorded by the complicity of the police authorities to harass and persecute a well-known senior Human Rights Defender. It should be noted that the complainant Subba Rao, is a member of the erstwhile Samajik Ekta Manch, which was revealed to be a group that was promoted and sponsored by the Bastar police, and was captured on national TV as part of a deliberate plan to harass Human Rights Defenders. Instances where the police have used obviously fabricated criminal complaints against Human Rights Defenders to malign and defame them. Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group (JagLAG) is a group of women lawyers which has been disbursing pro bono legal services to the marginalized communities of Bastar Division since 2013. Since these lawyers also helped Adivasi women who were sexually assaulted by the security forces to register cases against their tormentors, the Bastar Police have been very hostile to the group, seeking inquiries into various “complaints” against them, as described below – Complaint about receiving 10 lakhs of demonetized currency from the Naxalites Complainant – Vinod Pandey Date of Complaint – 27.12.2016 Police Station – Kotwali or Bodhghat PS, Jagdalpur Investigating Authority – CSP Jagdalpur (at that time, Ms. Monica Singh) In December 2016, the group was representing Adivasi parents Kumma and Jamli Pottam before the High Court of Chhattisgarh in Writ (Crl) 372/16, in which the parents sought an independent inquiry into the extrajudicial execution of their minor son on 16.12.2016. On 23.12.2016, the Hon’ble High Court ordered the exhumation of the body and a second post mortem of the body. On the 25.12.2016, at the request of the Petitioners, the lawyers Shalini Gera, Priyanka Shukla, Nikita Agrawal and paralegal Rishit Neogi travelled to Bastar Division with them, to assist them in ensuring that the High Court order was properly implemented. The legal team accompanied the Petitioners during the exhumation in Metapal village, Bijapur on the 25.12.2016 in the presence of Bijapur district and medical officers, and on 26.12.2016, they were with the medical team in Maharani Hospital, Jagdalpur, for the second post mortem. While staying in Jagdalpur, the team was harassed by the Bastar police, and after they had returned to Bilaspur, on 27.12.2017, they were informed by the SP of Bastar that there is a complaint against them, alleging that in their recent trip to Bastar, they had travelled more than 120 kms to some jungle in Dantewada and had met with some Naxalite leader, and exchanged Rs. 10 lakh in demonetized currency for him. Given that the time spent in Bastar Division was fully documented in official documents relating to exhumation and post mortem, and was in public view, in the company of district officials, this is an obviously speciouscomplaint. Furthermore, the facts that the SP called up Advocate Shalini Gera on a private number belonging to one Mr. Farooq Ali, who is a member of a violent vigilante group AGNI, and Later, the police shared the copy of the complaint against the lawyers – a confidential document – with Mr. Farooq Ali, who promptly made it viral on social media are highly improper, and reveal the close nexus of the police with these extra-legal vigilante groups, whose role is to malign and persecute human rights workers. The purpose of the complaint, which was to defame and destroy the reputation of these human rights workers was served by a very visible and diligent “inquiry” that was conducted into this complaint, and the numerous press conversations of the IG of Police, Mr. SRP Kalluri, who labeled the legal aid workers as “white collar naxalites”. As far as we know, the investigation into this specious complaint has not been closed yet, and is still on going. Complaint of abducting a petitioner and forcibly getting her to file a writ Complainant – Podiyami Panda Date of Complaint – around 22.5.2017 Police Station – Sukma (?) Muiye Podiyam, the wife of the ex-sarpanch of Chintagufa in Konta Tehsil, Chintagufa, had approached the lawyers of JagLAG to file a writ of Habeas Corpus for her husband, who had been picked up on 3.5.2017 by the police but had not been produced in court. The writ was filed in the Bilaspur High Court on 12.5.2017, and argued subsequently before the Hon’ble Court by Advocate Sudha Bharadwaj, in addition to JagLAG lawyers. Following the order of the Hon’ble High Court, Panda was produced before the court on the May 22nd. There, surrounded by police, Panda testified that he had surrendered voluntarily to the police and wanted to live with the police, which he was allowed to do by the Hon’ble Court However, a few hours after the court hearing, ASP of Sukma, Jitender Shukla, who was also the Officer-In-Charge of the case, released a WhatsApp message alleging that Panda had testified before the court that academic Nandini Sundar, advocate Sudha Bharadwaj, and the JagLAG advocates Shalini Gera and Isha Khandelwal, had in fact, abducted Muiye Podiyami, lied to her, and coerced her into filing a petition. It then added that Podiyami Panda had filed a complaint with the police against the above for the abduction of his wife. Following this WhatsApp message, the Sukma police circulated a press release, again stating the above. The fact that Podiyam Panda made no such averments before the High Court is clear from the order which does not mention any of them. This is a gross and mischievous misreporting of the court proceedings and is tantamount to the contempt of court. Furthermore, Muiye Podiyami had independently appeared in two press conferences — one in Raipur and one in Bilaspur. She had also appeared in the high court for each of the five hearings, accompanied sometimes by her brother-in-law, Komal Podiyami and her two children. Clearly, she was acting on her own accord and was not there in some captivity. While the status of this complaint is not known, it is alarming that the Sukma police would deliberately propagate such false information about lawyers who are doing their professional duty. Instances where the police have sponsored and shielded criminal elements who have carried out violent acts against the HRDs, and the very process of investigating these FIRs/ complaints by the HRDs turn into occasions to harass HRDs even more. The complicity of the local police in persecuting the HRDs is evident from the fact that there have been no serious investigation into the various FIRs filed by the different Human Rights Defenders themselves when they have been attacked. Some of them are detailed below – NHRC Complaint by Ms. Priyanka Shukla Against Harassment Following PUCL meeting in Matenar, Dantewada On 19.12.2016, PUCL had a meeting in village Matenar, Dantewada. Information of this meeting had been duly given to the concerned SDM, and the meeting was attended by villagers from Sukma, Dantewada and Bijapur, delegates of PUCL, and media personnel. On the next day, when some attendees of the meeting, including Aritra Bhattacharya (Journalist), Atindriyo Chakrabarty (Advocate), P Pavni (Journalist), Kaveri (Professor), Priyanka Shukla (Advocate) and Nikita Agarwal (Advocate), were returning from the venue of the meeting, they were interrupted by the local police, subjected to intense questioning and their personal details and photographs were taken. Most surprisingly, a few hours later, the same photographs were circulated in social media by one Mr. Farrukh Ali, as part of a false and inflammatory message that these were all students from JNU who were all supporting Naxalites and had lectured the villagers, inciting them against Government schemes. While the falsity of the allegations is evident – none of the above-named people has any connection to JNU, and the content of the PUCL meeting was widely reported in the local papers, and none of these people addressed the villagers at all – what is most alarming is the fact that confidential information gathered by the police, is given to Mr. Farrukh Ali, whose allegiance to the violent vigilante groups such as Samajik Ekta Manch and AGNI is well known. Following this, Advocate Priyanka Shukla filed an NHRC complaint (Case no. 25/33/1/2017), which was eventually transferred to the SHRC Most recently, PUCL has learned that Mr. Sukul Prasad Nag/ Barse, a PUCL member and an elderly resident of Matenar, Dantewada, who had hosted the said PUCL meeting, was told to give a statement before the Police in the context of this complaint by Priyanka Shukla. On 18.10.2017, he was visited by the SDOP Dantewada, questioned and his statement about the incident was taken. He reported whatever his failing memory of an incident almost a year ago could remember. What is noteworthy is that he reports that most of the questions were regarding who all attended the said meeting, who stayed for how many days, what permissions had been obtained for hosting the meeting etc. – questions that clearly have no connection with the said complaint. Furthermore, a few days later, he was asked to affix his signature to the “typed” version of his statement. But when he read it, the statement was substantially different from what he had told the police. Hence, he refused to affix the signature. Consequently, he and other panch/ Ward members of his village have now received notices to come to the police station. This is a clear case of harassment of an elderly gentleman, to require him to come to the police station so many times, and to distort his words into a different meaning. Furthermore, it is beyond understanding why the various Panch and Ward Members of Matenar village have been given notices for this. This is clearly a case of the police harassment of different people for hosting a meeting, which is critical of some actions of the police.That there is no attempt at an honest investigation is clear from the fact that the complainant, Ms Priyanka Shukla, has not been examined yet. FIR filed by journalist Malini Subramaniam against the attack on her house FIR number – 44/2016 PS Kotwali, District Bastar Date – 9.2.2016 Details – On 7th February, 2016, members of the Samajik Ekta Manch, a vigilante group (which was later revealed to be sponsored and supported by the Bastar police) burned effigies of HRDs (journalists, academics, lawyers etc) in the market square in Jagdalpur and visited the house of freelance journalist Malini Subramaniam, in Dharampura. There, they surrounded her house and shouted slogans against her, accusing her of being a Naxalite supporter, and incited the neighbourhood to throw her out of that neighbourhood. Later that night, around 2 am of 8.2.2016, some truants on a motorcycle sped by her house and threw stones which shattered the windshield of Ms. Subramaniam’s car. Ms. Subramaniam tried to register an FIR on the next morning, but the police refused to register it. Eventually, Ms. Subramaniam could only get the FIR registered on the 9.2.2016, but that too was made out against “unknown people”, despite the fact that Ms. Subramaniam had named several SEM members – Manish Parekh, Subba Rao and Sampat Jha, in her complaint. Investigation of the FIR: At the pretext of investigating the complaint, the Bastar police harassed and detained people close to Ms. Subramaniam, such as her domestic help, Prachi. Her landlord, a resident of Raipur, was also made to come to Jagdalpur on the pretext of investigation and forced to send Ms. Subramaniam an eviction notice. The SEM people were never arrested or charged with any offence, instead the atmosphere was made so hostile for Ms. Subramaniam that she was forced to leave Jagdalpur with her family and relocate elsewhere. Till date, no serious investigation has happened into her complaint, nor has any culprit been apprehended for the breakage of Ms. Subramaniam’s car, or for the severe threats and intimidation received by her. FIR filed on behalf of Ms. SoniSori in the case of the chemical attack on her FIR number – 16/16 PS Geedam, Dantewada, later transferred to Kodenar PS, Bastar, but new FIR number not intimated Date – 20.2.2016 Description: On 20.02.2016, while returning from Jagdalpur to her house in Geedam, Dantewada on a motorcycle, the tribal rights activist and HRD Ms. SoniSori was stopped by three men riding on a motorcycle on the national highway. There, she and her driver were forced off the motorcycle and taken to the side of the road, where Ms. Soni’s hands were tied behind her back, she was told to stop complaining against the IG of Police, Bastar Range (then, Mr. SRP Kalluri), and to stop investigating the fake encounter in PS Mardum, Bastar, and some corrosive material was rubbed onto her face, which caused intense pain and burning sensation and burnt the skin of her face, causing injury which took several months to heal.As per Miss. Sori, the attackers threatened her to stop her efforts of registering complaint against Mr. SRP Kallurior else she and her family especially her daughter will have to face dire consequences. Her colleague, Mr.Arvind Gupta filed the FIR 16/16 in PS Geedam at the first possible opportunity on 20.2.2016. Ms. Soni was treated first in the CHC in Geedam, then at Maharani Hospital in Jagdalpur and finally at a hospital in Delhi. Investigation of the FIR: No police authority has yet taken Ms. Sori’s statement, more than a year aft the incident. Although a Tehsildar took a statement from Ms. Sori on the night of the incident, this has no legal value. While Ms. Sori was being treated in Delhi, an SIT was constituted to investigate this crime, headed by Mr. IK Elesela – the then ASP of Bijapur district, and comprising of Mr. Santosh Singh, then ASP of Sukma, and Deepmala Kashyap, then CSP Jagdalpur. While the SIT came to Delhi on 27.2.2016 to record the statement of Rinki, Ms. Sori’s motorcycle driver, they did not record Ms. Soni’s statement, who waited the whole day and the next day for them, along with her lawyer. During the supposed investigation into the crime, all people close to Ms. SoniSori were threatened and harassed by the local police. Mr. Lingaram Kodopi, her close companion and nephew, was interrogated harshly many times till he refused to subject himself to any more interrogation. Ms. Rinki Thakur, who was driving Ms. Sori was also asked to come to the police station multiple times to record her statement. On 10.3.2016, the police picked up Mr. Ajay Markam, who is the brother-in-law of Ms. SoniSori and a close companion, and several of his friends for investigation. They were kept overnight for two days and beaten up brutally. On 11.3.2016, Ms. Sori’s sister, Dhaneshwari, who was studying nursing and staying in a hospital, was also picked up by the police for interrogation, and detained in the police station for many hours. A complaint about their illegal detention and torture was made to the DGP of Chhattisgarh On 14.3.2016, Ms. Sori and three of her close associates, Mr. Arvind Gupta, Mr. Lingaram Kodopi and Ms. Rinki Thakur were again asked to present themselves at the Circuit house in Dantewada to have their statements recorded, but despite waiting all day, no SIT appeared and no statements were taken. Instead, Ms. Sori and Mr. Kodopi were once again asked to present themselves before the SIT on 17.3.2016, and once they did so, they were treated shoddily. This forced both of them to refuse to give any statement to the SIT, whom they considered biased, and greatly influenced by IG of Bastar Range, Mr. Kalluri (whom Ms. Sori holds accountable for the attack on her.) Eventually, it was announced that Shri Gorakhnath Baghel, the ASP of Dantewada, would take the statement of Ms. Soni Sori. However, on 30.3.2016, when Soni Sori reached the police station to give her statement in compliance with the notice she had received, she learned that a bomb blast had occurred in Mailawada, and Mr. Baghel had rushed off there, and thus the statement could not be taken. After that, Ms. Sori requested for her statement to be taken on multiple occasions, but till date Ms. Sori’s statement in the case of a vicious chemical attack on her has not been taken, amply illustrating the complete lack of interest of the local police in actually investigating her case and apprehending criminals. Instead, investigation into this complaint became an opportunity to further harass her family and colleagues. FIR filed by Ms. Bela Bhatia, writer and researcher, on the theft of her mobile phone FIR no.: 309/2016 PS Kotwali, Bastar Date: 17.9.2016 Description: On 17/9/2016, a police supported group, Agni, had organized a large “Lalkar” rally, attended by all the senior police officials of the area. Ms. Bhatia also attended the rally in order to write about it, and was using her phone to capture photos and videos at the rally. At that rally, Ms. Bhatia was stalked by a person called Babu Borai, a member of the group Agni, who also appeared along with the police at many functions. When at the rally, Ms. Bhatia’s phone was snatched by some other person, BabuBorai physically obstructed Ms. Bhatia from going after the snatcher and retrieving the phone. Ms. Bhatia immediately alerted the senior police officials present at the scene, including Mr. Vijay Pandey (the then-ASP of Bastar), Mr. IG Kalluri (the then-IG of Bastar Range) and Mr. RN Dash (the then-SP of Bastar). Yet no one either apprehended or questioned Babu Borai or helped Ms. Bhatia retrieve the phone. Ms. Bhatia submitted a written complaint at the police station Kotwali thana, Jagdalpur and also wrote to the Collector about this incident. However, Babu Borai, who was named by Ms. Bhatia has never been interrogated about this incident, nor has the phone been recovered, nor anyone else apprehended. It is to be noted that this is not a simple crime of mobile-snatching, but a deliberate attempt to silence a writer and academic, who is thought to be critical of police actions in Bastar. The deliberately lackadaisical actions of the police officers belie their complicity with this apparently commonplace crime. FIR filed by Ms. Bela Bhatia, writer and researcher, regarding attack on her house FIR no – 16/2017 PS Frazerpur, Parpa, District Bastar Date filed – 5.2.2017 Description – On the 23.1.2017, around 12:30 pm, a crowd of 15-20 young men surrounded the rented accommodation of Ms. Bela Bhatia, and raised slogans against her, accusing her of being a Maoist sympathizer. They openly threatened to kill her dogs and burn the place down if she did not immediately move out from the village of Parpa, where she used to stay at that time. The crowd also accosted her land lady and demanded that she evict Ms. Bhatia right away. The police, who arrived late, mainly played the role of a silent spectator, making little effort to restrain the crowd from making threats and indulging in criminal behavior of intimidation. The policemen also made a video of this, which later resurfaced in a WhatsApp group submitted by a member of the vigilante Agni group, mentioned earlier, Subba Rao. Eventually, the group only dispersed after it coerced Ms. Bhatia and her landlady into signing an “agreement” that Ms. Bhatia would evict the premises shortly since the villagers do not want her to stay in the village. The police did not intervene while Ms. Bhatia was being forced into signing this “agreement.” After the incident of the 23.1.2017, Ms. Bhatia complained to various senior administrative and police authorities, and finally her complaint was lodged as an FIR. Investigation: Apart from lodging the FIR, the police authorities have not done anything in this case, despite the availability of video footage of the incident. On 23.1.2017, the SP of Bastar, Mr. RN Dash also met with Ms. Bela Bhatia, accompanied by Subba Rao, the AGNI member mentioned above. In this meeting also, the SP seemed more interested in how Ms. Bhatia’s dog was given an Adivasi name – a fact that was immediately made public in a very misleading manner by Subba Rao, with an intention to incite Adivasis against Ms. Bhatia. This shows the mischievous nature of police inquiry into the incident. After that, no significant investigation has happened on this complaint; no one has been apprehended or charged with the crime of criminal trespass and intimidation. CONCLUSION The above instances outline the concerted campaign against Human Rights Defenders – journalists, activists, lawyers, academics, writers etc – by the police in various districts of Bastar Range. This is against all tenets of law and against the very grain of the constitutionally mandated Rule of Law. Police has the responsibility of creating and maintaining a safe and enabling environment for Human Rights Defenders where human rights are promoted and protected, hence, the PUCL demands that – The FIR no. 27/2016 PS Tongpal, Sukma be immediately closed with respect to the six members of the fact-finding team . FIR no. 89/2016 PS Bodhghat, Bastar against Dr. Lakhan Singh is frivolous and a closure report should immediately be filed in this case. The various complaints against the members of Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group and their colleagues should also be immediately. Inquiries should be conducted into the above instances of filing false FIRs/ Complaints, and the police officials found guilty should be duly disciplined. An investigation should be conducted as to the nexus between members of Agni, such as Farrukh Ali, and the police personnel, who supply him confidential police information – as in the case of the complaint against Jagdalpur Legal Aid group, as also the incident detailed in Priyanka Shukla’s complaint. Harassment of wards and panches of Matenar village at the pretext of carrying out an inquiry should immediately stop Investigation into the FIR no.s 44/2016 PS Kotwali, Bastar (attack on the house of Malini Subramaniam), 16/16 PS Geedam (chemical attack on Soni Sori), 309/16 PS Kotwali, Bastar (Phone snatching of Bela Bhatia) and 16/17 PS Parpa (attack on the house of Bela Bhatia) should proceed in a diligent but unbiased manner, and the criminal elements found guilty of violence against these HRDs should be brought to book. Sincerely,   Degree Prasad Chouhan Fr. A.P. Josy (Vice- President, PUCL CG) (Secretary, PUCL CG) CC : Superintendent of Police, Jagdalpur, District- Bastar Superintendent of Police, Dantewada, District- Dantewada Superintendent of Police, Sukma, District- Sukma ****

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