la Buena Vida

A letter to a stranger


PUBLISHED ON August 16, 2017


There will be a day, when I’ll forget your name

But I haven’t just yet, afresh in my mind are those days of pain

All through these years of me growing up,

I remember how you stole from me, a brother’s dear love

Into all of those sinful memories , I lost every sense

Of the pure and the holy, the knot that I tied on your hand

I can remember how you had tried to lock your lips with mine

Up on the terrace, in the land my grand’s

You told me how as the years rolled by

“It’s fine, as long as a secret, I promise we would be alright”

Oh how deceitful was that little game

I wish today, that I’m seventeen

To slit the tongue, rip off those lips that had tricked and lied to me

If I’d really known, what’s right and what’s wrong

How the hell do you ever think you got the chance to feel my bare skin?

I had been naive I had been an idiot

To ever let all of it happen to me

The misery that lies, the despondency that surrounds all my memories

I want to erase and I want to blur you out

But before I do, let me first speak

The dirty spirit, the hands that had caressed my cheeks,

Now I know I’m precious, my love is too sweet

And I will never ever let you reach out to me

You deprived me of brotherly love, something I’d never received

Now buried under the grounds are you, but forgiveness is something you’ll never receive

Soft on the outside, with lust on your very mind

How? Just how do you do it? Please tell me.

Now I’m growing up and I’m shaping up

But I heard the story much later

Of how high you were one night

A couple of shots of beer and whiskey

You threw up in the bedroom, of my sister’s home

Disgusted am I to hear such tales of sly nasty.

If I’d known this before,

In the streets of Kolkata, you would never have held your hands with me

Little had I known, how you’d crave for your very own sister’s body

Sometimes I still wonder, where oh where had it all been?

All of that graceful monstrous thunder that has embraced me

Because now I raise hell in the waters

My mind is serene, but it does not listen to orders


With pride I live, my time too exquisite to be wasted on people who I hate

Take it, just take it back—-every thing that you ever gave

My mother had taught me when I was eight,

“Never accept gifts from strangers”

And that is exactly what you are to me

I never wanted to spoil, this piece of paper

That will carry this piece of poetry, until it goes into the flame.

I will end this right now, with much haste

Never in my life would I ever want to see that filthy gaze

Off of my diary, I let you go

So I’ll never see your face again, down my memory lane

I have no brother, what do you say?

Off of my diary, off of my life

You mysterious stranger, I’m not even sorry to sink you down the drains.