Lawyers Collective : Press statement on behalf of Indira Jaising, Anand Grover, and the Lawyers Collective.

8th May, 2019

It has come to our knowledge that: notice has been issued today, 8h May, 2019 by the Supreme Court of India in apetition filed by one Lawyers Voice’, in which we are made Respondents along with the Union of India.It appears that the Petitioner has asked for criminal prosecution against us.Though notice has been issued to the Respondents, we have not yet received a copy of the same

We are deeply disturbed by the turn of events.

It needs to be noted that the Petition came to be filed on 6h May 2019

It appears from the record on the Supreme Court’s website that the petition was filed n 6h May 2019 t 3.19pm.There were a number of objections, which were removed on 7th May.It further appears that though the matter was not orally mentioned on 7th May, it came to be listed in Court No.1 on 8th May, contrary to to the circulars and notifications of the Supreme Court in respect of listing

The latest circular of the Supreme Court on the issue of listing, dated 7th May 2019 reads as:

In continuation of this Registry’s circular No.14/Judl/2019 dated April 29, 2019 regarding listing of fresh matters verified upto 06.05.2019 Monday) before ensuing summer vacution, it is further brought to the notice of all the Members of the Bar and the parties appearing in person that the CompetentAuthority has directed that some of the fresh matters verified on 07.05.2019 Tuesdayl will also be listed in the final cause list for 10.05.2019 (Fridaul in chronological order of their verification
It has been brought to our knowledge that during the proceedings today, thoughthe Petitioner’s advočate did not orally seek any interim orders, the Court has passed an order to the effect that the pendency of the petition will not come in the way of government agencies proceeding in the matter

It is obvious to us that this is victimization on accountof Ms. Jaising taking up the issue of the procedure adopted in relation to the allegations of sexual harassment ágainst the Chief Justcef India by a former employee of the Supreme Court, which Ms Jaising has done so in her capacity as a concerned citizen, a senior member of the Bar and a women’s rghts advocate, without commenting on the merits of the allegations

Considering that Ms.Jaising has been publicly vocal on the issue of due process of law in relation to the conduct of the in-house inquiry, the Chief Justice ought to have recused himself from hearing the matter.

It appears rom the oral submissions by the Advocate for the Petitioner that the petition concerns the “mis-utilisation of foreign funding under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 FCRA”1.We wish ta state that LC has no foreign funding since 2016, when its FCRA registration was suspended and subsequently cancelled by the Ministry of Home Affairs on false and illegal grounds.LC has taken up appropriate legal proceedings against the cancellation in accordance with law.In any event, we strongly dispute any allegation of mis- utilisation of any funds

We will respond to the petition, as and when we served the same.We are seeking competent legal advice and our future course of action will be decided i due course

 Anand Grover.    Indira jaising

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