The CPI-ML Extends Support to AAP in Delhi for a Comprehensive Defeat of the BJP

CPI-ML Delhi State Committee Statement on Loksabha Election 2019!

Delhi Votes on 12th May!
Vote against Five Years of BJP Rule!
Save Democracy and Constitutional Rights of People!
Vote Out BJP!
The CPI-ML Extends Support to AAP in Delhi for a Comprehensive Defeat of the BJP

We are going through one of the most crucial Loksabha Elections in the history of independent India. This Loksabha Election is an election to save our democracy and constitutional rights of Indian people. The National Capital, Delhi will vote on the 6th phase of the election on 12th May.
The last five years have witnessed an unprecedented attack on the people, democratic institutions and the Constitution of the country. The BJP led government at the centre has made a mockery of the 2014 promise of Ache Din in last five years. Today the country is at a juncture where unemployment rate is the highest in 45 years, the agrarian distress has intensified, labour laws are being rendered toothless and womens security and freedom are at their weakest.

Be it demonetization or GST, each policy of this government has proved to be anti-people and particularly anti-poor. The last five years have also been a rule of crony-capitalism as exposed by Rafale scam and 400% rise in NPA of banks associated with safe escape of 36 defaulters from the country like the Mallyas and Nirav Modis. At the same time, hate machinery of the Saffron brigade has been unleashed on Dalits and minorities.

The workers, students, teachers and citizens of Delhi have equally been at the receiving end of the disastrous five years of Modi rule. The BJP government in centre has time and again undemocratically imposed their anti-poor, anti-people decisions on the citizens of Delhi misusing office of LG. Be it halting of increased wages of the workers and permanent employment of guest teachers of Delhi, demolition of poor working class colonies like the Kathputli colony, sky-rocketing fare of metro, ceiling of small shops throughout Delhi to disastrous demonetisation- people of Delhi have faced it all. The BJP government in centre has also relentlessly attacked universities situated in Delhi. If on the one hand BJP appointed VC in JNU is working to kill the inclusive character of JNU, on the other hand through policies like seat-cut, autonomy, casteist roster and 70-30 formula of funding, the BJP has done all it can to destroy higher education. The lynch-mob culture of the Sangh Parivar was seen in the heart of Delhi when a first year MSc student of JNU, Najeeb Ahmad was assaulted by ABVP activists and the entire state machinery was engaged to save the perpetrators of Najeeb’s assault. From Ramjas in DU to post-JNUSU election in JNU, ABVP activists have time and again unleashed violence on the students and teachers of Delhi.

In such challenging times, we saw how people of Delhi responded and resisted each such moves. People of Delhi not only participated when the workers, peasants and student-youth of the country came to demand rights, they also took to streets to protest against each assault on citizens of Delhi.

The voting on 12th May in Delhi must represent the struggles of people of Delhi against five years of Modi rule.
In Delhi, the CPI (ML) has decided to extend its support to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for the Loksabha Election of 2019 for a comprehensive defeat of the BJP from all seven Loksabha constituencies.

Ravi Rai
Delhi State Secretary, CPI-ML (Liberation)

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