The Modification of Labour Laws will serve Interests of Imperialists and Capitalists- STUM

The Modification of Labour Laws will serve Interests of

Imperialists and Capitalists- STUM

14Oct 2014, Raipur- A one-day convention on the subject- ‘Modifications in Labour Laws and its 

impact on Labour Class’ was organized under the banner of Sanyukta Trade Union Manch (STUM) 

 October 2014 at Malayalam Library, Sector-6 Bhilai. The main speaker at the convention 

on 12th

was Comrade. Sanjay Singhvi, General Secretary, Trade Union Center of India (TUCI). Other trade 

union leaders present in the occasion were Com. Bharat Bhushan Pandey, Com. Sudha Bharadwaj, 

Com. Kaladas Dehariya (CMM Mazdoor Karyakarta Samiti), Bheemrao Bagdey (CMM), C.R.Bakshi, 

G.N.Singh, Vinod Soni (AITUC), Vijendra Tiwari (ACTU), Com. Surendra Mohanty (Ispat Shramik 

Sangh), Ganesh Ram Chowdhary (CG Mazdoor Shramik Sangh), Com. Soura Yadav (CPI-ML), Com. 

Nand Kashyap (CITU). Numerous labourers as well as delegates participated in the convention.

Speaking on the occasion Comrade. Sanjay Singhvi General Secretary (TUCI) said that the 

government is incessantly imposing anti-people, neo-liberal policies in the name of so called ‘Good 

Days’, ‘Come Make in India’ and ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’. In order to enhance the loot of labour 

and natural resources, the existing labour laws are being modified and thus the government has 

opened the doors for the multinational companies to establish a corporate raj in the country. Modi 

government has proposed about 52 amendments, which has been already accepted by the cabinet 

and will be soon passed in the Loksabha and Rajyasabha too. The important amendments which 

will directly affect the labour, working class are-

1. Factory Act 1948 in which there is provision for safety and security for the workers, 

2. Industrial Dispute Act 1947,

3. Contract Workers Act 1970,

4. Apprenticeship Act 1961

5. Labour Act 1988 and Overtime act etc.

The government is conspiring to amend and discontinue these hard earned rights of the working 

labour class thus making them slaves to the hands of multinational companies, corporates and the 

capitalists. There are not only a few amending proposals but there are many, which are intended 

to suppress the innocent working people of the country. He emphasized on the unity of working 

class as well as the trade unions in order to fight extensively against the anti-people people 

policies. He called upon all the organizations and masses to unite in thousands of numbers against 

the devastating policies and to hit the roads for a nationwide strike on 5th

Comrade. Sudha Bharadwaj said that the ongoing changes and amendments are not in the favor 

of the laborers and the working class. The overtime period is being increased to 100 hours, thus 

the subject of 8 hours duty is going to be knocked out. Women workers will be forced to work 

in the night shifts, thus oppressing them too. The tradition of maintaining registers is now being 

stopped. The small factory act is being introduced where the factory owner will not be held 

responsible for any kind of accident occurring in the factory where there are less than 40 workers. 

Neither any action will be taken against the factory. Thus there is a complete planning to oppress 

and suppress the toiling masses.

C.R.Bakshi (AITUC) condemning the Modi government said that the amendments which the 

government is going to do is a matter of grave concern. The government is explicitly attacking 

the labour class. Comrade Janaklal Thakur, President (CMM) said that the neo-liberal policies are 

being imposed on the common massed from the time of Atal Bihari Bajpeyi rule, and the Modi 

Govt. has just extended their work openly and broadly. Thus, Modi led BJP government is bent 

upon devastating the country by enforcing the imperialistic globalization policies. These policies 

will do no good to the nation and is leading it to a path of destruction.

Com. J.N.Singh, Bharat Bhushan Pandey, Mridul Sengupta, J.P.Nayar, Bheemrao Bagdey, Com. 

Soura Yadav, Vijendra Tiwari, Ganesh ram Chowdhary, Vinod soni and Com. Nand Kashyap also 

expressed their views on the forceful amendments of labour laws in interest of the capitalist and 


In the second part of the convention, an executive committee was formed which includes all the 

main leaders of various organizations inorder to successfully execute the strike on 5th

2014 against the increasing attack and oppression on the labour class, dalits, peasants, workers 

and women. The martyrs were remembered and tributes were paid to them in the program. 

The convention was steered by Com. Kaladas Dehariya which ended with the presentation of 

revolutionary songs.


The Editor, Bharat Bhushan Pandey

……………………………… Vice President (TUCI)


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