Jaipur, 15th April, 2018

The PUCL is shocked and condemns the manner in which MLA Sh. Jignesh Mevani elected from Badgaon, Gujarst was stopped by the Rajasthan police  under the instructions of the Home Department of GOR and the Minister Gulab Chand Kataria and prevented to go to Merta Road Nagaur District for a public meeting organised by the organizing committee for the 127th anniversary celebrations of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. Permission was granted for the Sabha to the organisers. But when Sh. Jignesh Mevani reached Jaipur Airport on 15th April morning, he was stopped then and told that he had been denied the permission to travel to Nagaur and, when he tried to negotiate with them he was told that he would be deported back by the next flight to Ahmedabad. With activists intervention he was allowed to come out but his movement was even clamped in Jaipur. He was made to sit in a car surrounded by police, outside the airport. 2 dalit activists with him who were trying to broadcast a live conversation with him were taken to the Jawahar circle police station and detained after 2 hours. 

Initially even the media was prevented access. Finally 3 hours later he was handed  a letter which was extremely violative of Mr. Mevanis fundamental rights apart from being full of lies, extremely obnoxious,  discriminatory.

The PUCL is clear that the Government of Rajasthan fears the exposure of the repression that is underway, which Jignesh would have opposed, exposed and stood in solidarity with the Dalits, against whom 1000s of false cases have been filed and several hundreds are still incarcerated. According to the NCRB 2016, Rajasthan is the state with highest rate of growth of atrocities against DalIts. The Vasundhara Raje Government and the BJP are very scared that as part of the run up to the elections later this year, Jignesh should be restrained and prohibited. So this obnoxious restraining order. 


The written order handed over to Jignesh by the Rajasthan police, signed by Mr Nitin deep Bulgan, Additional CP, Jaipur states that Jignesh would not be allowed into Nagaur and for the next 15 days he would not be allowed to hold any public meeting or participate in any programme in Jaipur. 

The obnoxious order further blatantly lies 

claiming that wherever “you have gone you have vitiated the atmosphere, caused law and order problems, caused caste conflict that there are several criminal cases against you.” This is pure fiction created by the BJP Government. Some of the worst kind of statements causing communal and caste disharmony have been from BJPs own MLAs, taking the examples of just 2 MLAs from Alwar District, MLA Gyan Dev Ahuja and Singhal both BJP, have provoked and vitiated the communal and caste atmosphere much more except their hate speech is allowed by our Government but those who want to speak the truth like Jignesh Mevani are threatened and restrained. . 

It further states that “Jaipur had a lot of disturbance post Bharat bandh of 2nd April and Jaipur commisionerate had to lodge several cases in various police e stations. In the past too you have participated in several programmes in the city…”

Then ends with a threat “that the city is u/s section 144 in the and from the 15th April to 30th April you will not be allowed to participate in rallies, protests, programmes, issue statements. incase you do violate this then you will be booked u/s 188 of the IPC”.

#The PUCL demands the withdrawal of this disgusting and illegal order.# It will facilitate the challenge of this order in the competent court and #once again condemns the restraining order and threats given to Jignesh by the Government of Rajasthan and the police at the highest level. 

Kavita Srivastava (president), Anant Bhatnagar (General Secretary), Aruna Roy (ex National Council member), Radha Kant saxena (National vice President), Prem Krishan sharma (ex President state Pucl), DL Tripathi (VP State pucl), Bhanwar Meghwanshi (national council and VP State Pucl), Ramesh Nandwana, (VP State pucl), Mamta Jaitly (VP State pucl), Rashid Hussain (state council), Dr Meeta Singh (president Jaipur district), Kapil Sankhla (secretary jaipur district) and others. 

Jignesh’ s sos Message attached

*For urgent attention of media* :

_Today, immediately after I landed at Jaipur airport, a few cops made me sign a letter saying MLA Jignesh Mevani’s entry is restricted in the entire Nagor district of Rajasthan. I was going there to talk about the Indian constitution and Baba Saheb Ambedkar._

_This is absolutely unconstitutional and violative of my fundamental rights. If they can do this with an elected representative then what must be the condition of an ordinary citizen and dalits in Vasundhara Raje rule?_

_Now the DCP is saying I am not allowed to move around even in Jaipur and they are forcing me to fly back to Ahmedabad and also not allowing to hold even a press conference…this is shocking. My movement is being restricted as they have received orders from above, and even my addressing a gathering is being seen as incitement. How is this okay?_

– Jignesh Mevani