Demanding immediate Release of sec 307 IPC victims,Tahir and Javed Jabaa by the Alwar district police, who have been framed in the cow smuggling case. PUCL, RAJASTHAN



21st November, 2017

The PUCL calls the arrest of victims Tahir and Javed Jabaa in the Umar killing case, as a Travesty of justice. The Alwar district police should have arrested the killers, the so called gau rakshaks, those who tried to destroy evidence. Instead the victims are being arrested. Tahir and Javed are victims in sec 307 and eye witnesses in the umar killing. Basically the police just wants to build pressure on these two as they are the key witnesses in the Umar killing case and perhaps bargain a deal, frighten the two and dilute the case Clearly showing that the Government has given absolute impuNity to the killers thT they will strike again and again.

The PUCL demands the closure of FIR number 271/2017. (The false cow smuggling case)And insists that the Government of Rajasthan and it’s police take immediate action in the case of murder.

The PUCL from the beginning has said that the Police has a lot to answer in this case. The firing on the pick up vehicle with Umar and others, moving the body of umar from one area to another 15kms away, brutalising it, dismembering the head, throwing the body on the railway line, stealing the wheels of the pickup carrying the cows etc.

By trying to foreground the smuggling case, it is putting the burden of crime and criminality on the victims. The police today said that Tahir and Javed Jabaa have confessed to the crime of smuggling, well in the Gurgaon Ryan school case too the Haryana police had said that the driver had confessed yet the criminal was another person.

our demands are

*Transfer of the case to an SIT or CBI and the two be released

·         The incharge on the 10th morning of Govindgarh police station be suspended and the SP too be suspended for providing impunity to Gau-rakshaks that they struck a second time, and now manipulatigng evidence.

·         The deceased’s family be given Rs. 25 lacs including a Government job for one member

·         Tahir and Javed be provided protection and compensation.

·         The Raje Government come out with a safety plan for the safety of Meos in Alwar, Bharatpur and Muslim dairy farmers. The protection of the life and liberty of the Meos and all the other Muslims of the state is a Constitutional obligation.

We are,

Kavita Srivastava (President), Anant Bhatnagar (General Secretary), Radha Kant saxena, Nishat Hussein, Bhanwar Meghwanshi and Maulana Hanif ( all Vice presidents), Noor Mohammed (General Secretary Alwar), Virendra Vidrohi (National Council member), Kailash Meena (National Council member),Mukesh Goswami (state executive member)

Contact 8302562965


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